Road cycling routes

The Urdaibai Bike Reserve cycling destination offers 16 road cycling routes through the green heart of the Basque Country.

Three easy cycling routes in Bizkaia

Three simple road cycling routes ranging between 200 and 800 metres in elevation difference. 

On the easiest route, you’ll cycle between Gernika and Bermeo, following the course of the Oka river towards the Mundaka estuary. 

On the intermediate route, you’ll follow a circular route from Gernika through the eastern part of Urdaibai, enjoying the beautiful beaches of Laida and Laga and climbing up to Nabarniz.

On the most challenging route, you’ll discover the inland of Urdaibai and climb up to Bizkaigane to discover splendid views of the Biosphere Reserve.

Six medium-level cycling routes in Bizkaia

The cyclists of Urdaibai have selected these six routes for road bikes to make the most of cycling in their territory if you’re at an intermediate level and want to tackle routes with between 800 and 1,200 metres of positive difference in altitude.

On these routes you’ll tackle some of the most beautiful cycling mountain passes in the Basque Country and you’ll reach exceptional viewpoints such as the famous Balcony of Bizkaia and others with unforgettable views of San Juan de Gaztelugatxe or the Mundaka estuary.

Seven challenging cycling routes in Bizkaia

Do you like a challenge? Dare to tackle these routes for road bikes that will take you to the top of the toughest cycling passes in Urdaibai, to complete the route of the spectacular Oiz bicycle touring challenge and to cover the route that the professional cyclists will take through Urdaibai during the Grand Départ of the 2023 Tour de France.

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